Enzo balance bike

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Enzo balance bike

The balance bike is a constant hit of recent years, it is used to show children that physical activity is great fun. Are you wondering what makes this bike stand out? The classic design makes the bike very light, making maneuvering very easy and safe. Moreover, it can grow with your baby! Adjusting the height of the saddle and the handlebar allows you to adjust it over time to the current height of your child. It is also worth paying attention to the turning steering wheel, thanks to which the child will easily change directions.

An important element of choosing the first children's bicycle is the material from which it was made. The presented balance bike has been produced with the use of certified materials that are safe for babies and the environment, which guarantees high quality and safety of use. The bike is mounted on rubber wheels with tread-like grooves, making the ride pleasant and easier. The advantage of such a simple design of the equipment is the fact that no elements will distract the child, allowing him to focus on the road.

Riding a balance bike in the first years of life has a very positive effect on the child's development. It improves fitness and endurance, teaches orientation in the field and estimating distance and speed, and also affects independence. The ENZO children's balance bike is the perfect choice for children who are just starting to learn to ride - playing it will develop your child's motor coordination and sense of balance, making it easier for him to prepare for the transition to a traditional, classic bike.

Approximate dimensions of the bike:

- Bicycle: length 80 cm

- wheel diameter: 30 cm,

- steering wheel: min 46 cm max. 60cm

- saddle: min 31cm, max 50cm (to the ground)

- weight: 4 kg


Size of the package:
70x16x30 cm

Weight with packaging:
4.6 kg

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